Friday, February 20, 2009


Sadly as my subscribers heard Caribe closed so for like about an hour Roll The Dice was homeless until my new princess bffe the glorious Autumn Hykova swept in and gave my shelter at her amazing new carnival themed sim Festivale, I have prime corner real estate ALSO ALL THE NEW RELEASES ARE OUT AND THERE! So hurry over to

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Samara Cioc in Up-Coming releases!

(Click to Zoom in)
The always lovely Samara Cioc shows off her amazing clothes from RD that will be for sale this coming week.
[RD] Blue & Yellow Crazy Patterned Silk Bandana
[RD] Hipster Sweater (Tintable) -Samara Tinted Yellow
[RD] Damask Jeans Tintable - Available now

Monday, January 26, 2009


So in the passed to days I was blogged like a thousand times so I just wanted to thank those OG's who blogged me and give them some cred

Ding Fotherington (My Second Life on the D List)
Juicy Littlething (Juicy Bomb)
Brooke Ashbourne (Addicted to SL Fashion)

And for those who have blogged me within the past few days and you aren't on this list let me know and you will be added. I have a shitty memory on some of this stuff. THANK YOU to all my friends, buyers, encouragers, and bloggers. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox <-- Girlyness! haha

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coming soon to Roll The Dice:

Mittens, yes prim mittens. (Tintable)
Button Downs (Tintable and Patterned)
Sweaters (Tintable and Patterned)
New Tee shirts (Graphics on a new template)
Long Sleeved Polos with Sculpted Cuffs (Tintable)
Belted Slate Colored Skinny Jeans with Sculpted Bottom and colored belts. (Chyus)
New Bandana pattern sets
New Shades
And a lot of the older tees will be moved into freebies perhaps.

Welcome to ma house.

Okay so I have decided to to many suggestions to start and update blog, to do just so. I have two stores. The first being Roll The Dice, a casual store with entirely unisex items. Mostly graphic tees and a few bottoms and accesories. The other is Beats by Dice Beattie my haute couture line/collection which premiered a few months ago (September I think) with 12 female outfits and 4 male. Though some ladies still buy the mens. The first collection is all bright colors, though in a later post I will explain my second collection premiering soon. I'm currently re-doing Roll the Dice and then moving onto Beats. So updates will soon be frequent. Until then I'll post various photos of friends wearing my stuff.